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Ka-pi96 said:
Farsala said:

I eat a meat meal 3 times a week. My favorite to cook is a sort of cream cheese stroganoff with tomato. Other meat meals I make tacos or quesadillas with various ingredients.

For 3 other meals I usually eat pasta with cheese and tomato sauce, it is a fine, extremely easy meal without wasting expensive meat.

For my last meal, I order pizza or experiment making something new. Some have been great, others were complete busts.

When I used to go out to restaurants, my favorite was gyoza or Curry. Sometimes I enjoyed yakinuku and sushi places with my friends.

huh? There's such thing as "non meat" meals?

Heck yeah, I love almost all foods, so whatever is in the fridge gets eaten. Could be an entire cabbage, slow fried onions and some mushrooms.