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Mnementh said:
RolStoppable said:

Another two easy weeks ahead, so the YTD lead remains on track to be big enough to keep 2021 in the lead through Animal Crossing launch week.

If Switch keeps only managing 75K weeks until MonHun Rise, 2021 total will barely stay ahead in AC launch week. MonHun needs to give a major boost, too keep 2021 ahead of 2020. The week after AC launch, Switch managed nearly 300K, MonHun need to propel Switch to similar numbers, otherwise the lead will be done.

To me it looks like the two years are going to track so close that I can't tell which one will be ahead.  The current 2021 lead will get erased when we get to AC launch week.  On the other hand MHR is a big enough game hardware sales for its first week will be reasonably close to AC's second week, and MHR's second week will be close to AC's third week and so on.  And then the rest of 2020 was up and down from week to week.  I think it's going to be a close race, and we'll need to go quite a few weeks before we see which one is clearly doing better.