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xMetroid said:

How is there no PS5 games making it in the top 10 with 33k.. still great to see it start to pick up a little. Previous stocks were alarming, this is okay.
Nintendo is definitely holding on stocks for the MH launch. It is still doing better than last year tho.
Wish BD2 would have crossed the 100k milestone, although it will with digital. So with that it should be on par with the original game i think.
SoS, great numbers.

There haven't even been PS5 games in the top 30, not in 2021.  I have to wonder if these systems would still sell as well without backwards compatibility.  It seems like the PS4 is still tracking ahead of PS5 sales and it was not backwards compatible.  I don't think it had any notable games at launch either.  Some people simply want to buy a new Playstation for no good reason.

curl-6 bet me that PS5 + X|S sales would reach 56m before year end 2023 and he was right.
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