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Agente42 said:
Cobretti2 said:

I would much rather see them stick with the lcd display, even if visuals are slightly sacrificed, or find another supplier.

Samsung in recent times with their "flagship" expensive phones has had a few OLED screen burn issues. My Note is 2 years old and it is fucked. My old Samsung's prior to that have had far more use and no evidence of visible screen burn.

maybe I have luck. My Note 4 fully beautiful and working, almost six years of use. Only buy a great amount of the batteries. 

Maybe a new tech OLED screen is the problem?

It's a fundamental flaw with OLED technology itself... Exacerbated by how the user uses the device.

In saying that I have a Galaxy Note5 with a 1440P OLED screen that is 6~ years old and it's perfectly fine... Also got a Note 8, Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 20Ultra 5G that are all perfectly fine.

All with original batteries too.

FloatingWaffles said:

i'm cautiously optimistic and the switch could definitely do with a spec bump, but I just hope this thing doesn't have Switch Pro exclusives or anything. segmenting the huge install base the switch has managed to gain the past few years doesn't really sound good imo. might as well just be releasing for a brand new console at that point since any switch pro exclusive will be starting with a userbase of 0 again. 

I would assume it's still using the same chipset or a revision of such... And just leveraging the benefits OLED brings to save on battery or spend that extra power consumption on higher clocks or something.

When the Switch launched I wanted a higher resolution, larger panel.. So at-least the display is getting increased so my phone display is no longer larger than the Switch.

At the end of the day though... If no one wants this console, vote with your wallet and buy the current models.

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