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Tridrakious said:
twintail said:

Not only are you doing my comment in bad faith (with some pretty weird logic to boot, but it sounds like you just didn't bother to read what the SOP was going to include.

Sony told you what to expect and thought there would be much more. That's on you dude.

It was a bad State of Play. No amount of downplaying will make it better. 

I love my PS4. Got 100 retail games for it. So not hating on Sony, enjoy their systems a lot.  Has there been a good SoP? Ever since Sony went full western nothing they show is that interesting? Like I mentioned before they never have any surprises. ND's love to surprise. I can't remember any of the SoPs. I do remember Sony deleting the original video of the first one for having so many downvotes. They re-uploaded it and turned off likes.  I can remember specific directs. I already forgot this SoP outside of the bullshit Square pulled with FF7R. PS4 owners don't get a patch or the DLC. I need to spend $500 on a console no one can find so the game doesn't look like shit I guess. Textures never loaded in for me.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Remake Geist Force SEGA!/Remake Omega Boost Sony!