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This might sound crazy, but the first game that came to mind is Disgaea 5.

And it wasn't the plot or the fantastic music. It wasn't a main character. It was just a regular fighter class character.

Wild Cry Increase stats by adjacent enemy unit x 15%. Rank 1 Unique

His rank 1 passive ability makes him significantly stronger the more enemies are near him, to stand up to danger and fight it head on is inspiring.

Shaking Excitement Increase stats by enemy units on the map x 3%. Rank 5 4

Even more inspiring is his rank 5 passive ability (late game). The more enemies he has to face, the stronger he gets. I often equate Shaking Excitement with myself. When I have to face troubles head on, I don't get anxious, I shake with excitement. When the problems are many, I must get stronger to knock them all out of the park.

He also has a quote "I want more!" (English Dub) Which I also took for myself, I don't want to sit idle and stop improving. No, I want more in life. I don't want zero challenge, I want more!

In addition to this, it is a mere coincidence. But in the first Disgaea game me and my friends really enjoyed it and would name characters after each other. The Fighter class was dubbed with my name, so as a tradition I always name my first fighter class in Disgaea games after myself.