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Overall, I prefer open world games, especially if you are talking about games made in the past 25 years or so.  It's probably because I think very few 3D games actually have tight level design.  Everything is so spaced out in a 3D game.  Racing games are fine, because of the speed, but other 3D games just don't feel that "tight" to me.  There are a lot of old 2D games where I prefer tight level design though.  I like Life Force better than any other spaceship game out there (2D or 3D), even though there are plenty of open world type of spaceship games.

But overall, I like a game that is mostly open world, but with some goals that I can pursue at my leisure.  I prefer Civilization to Sim City or Dragon Quest Builders over Minecraft.  I like all of the freedom, but I prefer the game give me some clear goal on top of that.