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Signalstar said:
axumblade said:

I was thinking Media Molecule since Sackboy was made by Sumo Digital but I would love to see what Japan studio is up to.  Or do you just mean a Japanese game in general? 😅

The smartest thing for MM is to port Dreams to PS5 and PC so it continue to grow. The game (some would say platform) is excellent and needs way more exposure.

From an interview with MM head Siobhan Reddy last week:

I think we've got really good foundations for where we want to take Dreams. At this point we're in that stage where it's very much a creation platform, and everyone's asking us about where multiplayer is, and social features, and — all of those are things we've got in our sights, and I think the future for us is bringing in those play audiences to Dreams, and that's really exciting. For us there's aspects of working on LittleBigPlanet where it was game first, creation second, and with Dreams, it's the other way around. It's been creation first, and we're building the play layer on top of that.

I feel like a year in, we've evolved as a studio, we've evolved in terms of where we are within PlayStation Studios, we're growing to meet our ambitions — we have big ambitions about building a big social entertainment platform, and that means we have to level up our structure a little bit. We've been lucky to bring on some really great people in the last six months, and we're looking for more great people. So yeah, I feel excited, actually. I feel like the future is very exciting, there's a lot of possibilities.