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drbunnig said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Not sure how this happened, but I forgot about PJ Harvey.  No one should ever forget about PJ Harvey!

She's still pretty popular isn't she?

I really have no clue who is popular now.  All I know is that it changes radically.  PJ Harvey was not really popular in the 90's.  

The best example I have of how things change though is the Pixies.  I discovered the Pixies in the early 90's.  They had already broken up and were never that popular to begin with.  I loved the Pixies but I didn't know anyone else who listened to them, except maybe one friend a couple of years later.  Then the 21st century comes along and I find the Pixies have become super popular.  They had one song on the Fight Club soundtrack and their popularity really took off.  I found this out several years after the fact and was totally shocked.  They were never that level of popular in their "prime".

Anyway, whoever was popular back in the day might be unknown now and vice versa.  I'm just posting female alternative singers from the 90s that were not mentioned in Jumpin's first post.  I can't tell who is popular and who is not.