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Leynos said:

Possible it gets FF7. (They went to Sony because N64 carts did not have the space and Saturn was struggling already) Also depends on how good SEGA's marketing is and relations with third parties. Assuming good marketing and good hardware at $299. SEGA was an est name in hardware plus Arcades,Sega was also developing a space in the PC games market where Sony was not. Saturn does very well and Dreamcast would not only be released much later but be a very different console. Dreamcast was designed to be the opposite of Saturn and release in 1998 in Japan. It was made to look like the PS1. So if Saturn is successful. Those third parties move from Nintendo to Saturn, not Sony. Dreamcast if that's still its name is released in 2000 instead of 1998. I think Sony would be fighting with SEGA like SNES and Genesis were always so close in sales (32X/SCD is what killed its sales and let SNES take the clear lead) while I imagine N64 being left in third but still the same amount of consoles sold in total. Just Saturn/PS1 split that 100 million bases into one having 40 plus million and the other having 50 plus million. Neither sells 100 total.

SEGA in our timeline was financially strapped on making choices for Dreamcast. So Bernie Stolar had to make a choice between DVD and online play. In our revised history. DC has both as SEGA might be a much better place financially.

 My problem isn't with them do better, but how much better, especially since the op doesn't change Sony's fortunes in regard to the PS1.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot