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Jaicee said:

This thread title encompasses like half the bands I still listen to, so you know I'll have more examples to add here! Great choices tho so far! In addition though...

Sleater-Kinney was mentioned, but less well-known are the original bands of their singer-guitarists: Heavens to Betsy (for Corin Tucker) and Excuse 17 (for Carrie Brownstein), both of which personally I find more enjoyable to listen to than Sleater-Kinney. Sleater-Kinney's stuff has a more polished type of vibe that I find somewhat less appealing than the amateurish charm of hardcore riot grrrl, complete with crashing guitars and shrill screams, as exemplified by the likes of Excuse 17 and Heavens to Betsy.

Here's one of my favorite Heavens to Betsy songs called Complicated. There's no music video because this was semi-underground stuff at the time:

And here's a live performance at New York City's CBGB by Excuse 17 and Heavens to Betsy from 1994:

I'd also like to mention L7. Even though L7 technically started out in the late '80s and is actually still going today, all of their best-known music is from the 1990s, so I'm counting them as a valid entry for this thread. It's all on the obscure side really, but not quite like Heavens to Betsy obscure. Like L7 gained enough circulation to at least have music videos and stuff. They've done a range of rock styles from grunge to punk rock to alternative metal. Everglade is among my favorite songs of their's:

Also, Bratmobile happened. Here's a concert from right after they got back together in 1999:

This is great stuff!  I'm familiar with L7 but not the other bands.  This is the kind of music I like though, heavy distorted guitars.  Thanks for posting.