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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Of course there's lot of cope here, with all the Brexiteers with buyer's remorse now that it turned out that all the UKIP and their allies had were lies, damned lies and statistics with a side of hot air.

And then there are those who are either too blind or simply don't want to see the truth in front of their faces and continue to defend Brexit no matter what and bending and breaking the truth to massive extends. And calling it coping when others point out that the Brexiteer arguments simply don't add up.

The only 'lies' Remainers actually care about is the 'extra £200 million a week for r NHS' and 'easiest trade deal in history'.

R NHS now gets more than £200m extra per week compared to 2016 and it could have been the easiest trade deal in history if the EU didn't act like a jilted ex.

For me the argument was always free trade over protectionism disguised as standards/regulations and the ability to act and adapt without needing permission from the EU.

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