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SilenceDeadly said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Physical sales for PS4 accounts for 43%, and 41% for Switch according to your source, a mere 2% lead despite the fact of PS4 userbase being far bigger as it is an over 7 years old console

I'm curious what makes you think if we include digital sales Nintendo will be "demolished" by Sony? Do you have any source with data to claim that?

Or are you implying Sony demolished Nintendo because you are counting both physical and digital for Ps4 whereas only physical for the Switch?

Do you think Nintendo only games on eShop would make any difference? Ps4 took 53% of the market, followed by Pc at 27%. That means Nintendo is below 10% since Xbox is mainly digital.

All other pubs report sales from eShop, only Nintendo doesn´t.

Physical + Digital gives Ps4 a HUGE ADVANTAGE over Nintendo Switch in Switch peak HW Year, big L. 

You are literally bring up only data that proves you right in some way. You're purposely excluding the fact that Nintendo doesn't share its digital share, multiplats are more widespread on PS4 and you're not only acting as a console warrior, you are spreading misinformation, too. And I've seen this behaviour in almost all your posts. You don't get additional money if you say "SONY DOMINANCE NINTENDOOMED", so stop it now.

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