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I voted for >37M as well.

I think they will launch an Ampere based model this year that will be positioned as a revision/Pro, but is essentially a 2021 spec-ed successor.  I think they intend for this model to hold the fort till 2025, at which point they will do the same and position that model as a Switch 2.  Current sales + 2021 revision sales will exceed 37M.  Global target is 175-200M range for the same.

NSW Japan sales curve was already different than 3DS and NDS pre-pandemic.  Now I expect 3DS to be matched/surpassed by end of CY 2021 with more momentum than either of the old systems had at this point in the cycle (and higher raw sales to boot).

Quick and rough forecast in green (quarterly for the next 5 quarters, then FY predictions afterwards).  Expecting new model to launch around Sep 2021.