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Overall I would agree with the metascores, I'd give it a 7 out of 10. A good game, not great.

It starts very slow, and then ratchets everything up for the finish. That's probably my main complaint with the game, how uneven everything is. The narrative is all over the place, but eventually is extremely good. The graphics are meh in some areas, amazing in others. Same with the sound. Even the gameplay itself, for example you can run in some areas, others you can't. It does leave itself wide open for a sequel.

I almost dropped the game after a couple hours. It's quite incredible the difference between the first half of the game and the second. Just goes to show how powerful a narrative is in a game like this. There's very little of it that is intriguing early in the game, wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people gave up on it.


I'd have loved to get more time with Thomas. His spirit seemed to be angrier and darker. They could easily open it up in a sequel with combat. Probably beyond the scope of the studio though.