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icykai said:
HigHurtenflurst said:

If you want more this is Nintendo's historical data:

And in a neoGAF thread Rol linked to someone posted this googledocs spreadsheet:
Which has quarterly shipments for all Nintendo hardware from 2003-2016, and some half-year shipment data from 2000-2003, so you can add GBA & GameCube if you want.

For the 2003-2016 document, i'm guessing the numbers are in thousands (x1,000) correct?

The recent ones are in 10 thousands(x10,000) so i'm not sure.

The Googledoc is just what that neogaf user compiled so yes they converted to 1000s of units, Nintendo's own reports use 10,000s for some reason, which I always found an odd multiplier.