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I was just checking this yesterday, hope the links help.

Ps2 starts on 2000 Q1 (March 2000) and ends on 2006 Q4 (March 2007):

Ps2 starts on 2006 Q1 (March 2006) and ends on 2011 Q4 (March 2012):

Basically you'll be skipping 2006 row from the second link and just adding 2007 to 2011 to the table.

The last link is when Sony decided for no reason to combine the PS2 and PS3 sales.

PS2 and PS3 sales combined starts on Q1 2012 (March 2012) and ends on Q1 2013 (June 2013):
Since the PS2 got discontinued by the end of Q3 2012( Dec 2012), I think Q4 2012 and Q1 2013 are irrelevant.

Also, there is the continuation of the shipment for the 2013 FY, but i dont know if you'll find anything useful there either.