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Switch just wrapped I think the 5th best year all time without a big holiday game, at full price - everything they shipped seems to have already been sold to end-customers, in the US people will get additional checks and COVID will continue. Bowser's Fury & Monster Hunter Rise are two of the biggest games launching during the first half of the year, there is a pretty long list of other third party games hitting the system before the end of the summer including exclusives like Olive Town, Bravely Default 2, SMTV, Disgaea 6 - meanwhile I don't really know any exclusives on the PS5 and XSX especially while both console makers just struggled to supply during the peak sales months of the year... Mindshare is key and I think Bowser's Fury and Rise will maintain momentum heading into the second half of the year, in large part to other software launches. We don't know much about anything beyond May from Nintendo but hopefully Breath of the Wild 2, new Pokemon and Bayonetta 3 finally launch.