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Shadow1980 said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

The DS is currently the top seller in the US, but it's perfectly fine if the Switch outsells it.  In fact the DS has done better than fine.  It's done great.  It is absolutely no slight against the system if the Switch outsells it.

Your snark is misplaced. In the past, people have accused me of downplaying the Switch's success or otherwise being too negative regarding the system, all for daring to suggest things like that it probably won't become the new #1 system of all time, as if it failing to do so would be a disappointment or something. My commentary was a preemptive rebuttal to anyone who would again suggest that I'm somehow insufficiently bullish on the Switch.

I do think you are still insufficiently bullish on Switch.  It's currently selling about even with the DS and yet you say the chance of it outselling the DS is "nil".  That is overly pessimistic.  If a system sold like that once, then it definitely has a chance of selling like that again.  The DS's legs from here on aren't even terribly impressive.  It had another 1-2 good years and then sales plummeted hard.  You really think Switch has no chance of outselling DS?  Really?

About a year ago, you were saying that Switch peaked in 2019 and it would decline in 2020.  Instead, Switch sales skyrocketed in 2020.  You were overly pessimistic in the past.  You weren't even remotely close.  Perhaps, you still are overly pessimistic?  You might want to consider that.