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I voted for the 55-55.9 range, though I imagine it would be closer to 55 than 60. I also think ACNH will not be the best selling Switch game, even if it briefly overtakes MK8 DX soon. I think ACNH could reach 40 million by the end of 2021 (only 2 Nintendo titles hit 40 million on a single system before Switch!).

This will be interesting to look back on this time next year! I find it hard to imagine how ACNH will sell than 8.82 million in 2021 (the exact number needed to reach 40M), coming off of it selling over 30M in 2020 (less than a year on the market). The game will continue to receive updates, which will keep it in the public eye (even if its small be fair, MK8 DX hasn't had big updates). The pandemic will still impact us going forward this year (although that does have negative impacts, in addition to the positive impacts of being at home).