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javi741 said:

Based off of the sales numbers we've seen from NPD and Famitsu this past holiday season, it doesn't seem like Nintendo shipped much more units then the 2019 Holiday season, so ill say no.

NPD US is up 11% for the quarter from 2019.

NPD CA was up stronger through Nov (Nov was up YoY, whereas US was down), but didn't get Dec numbers yet.

JP Famitsu was basically flat, but calendar alignment means that more of Week 1/53 falls inside calendar of 2020 than it did in 2019.  That plus stronger first weeks of January should help.

JP also had unknown quantity of new RFA bundle and ACNH bundle sell through My Nintendo Store that are not tracked by Famitsu (plus any plain Switches sold through the store as well - same as last year).  Neither was present last year, so these should offer a little buffer as well.

Europe I posted above - if Dec is flat, it'll have a nice increase over last year (Nov was around 95-98% of 2019, Oct was almost double 2019).  

Brazil was absent in 2019 Q3 and China only had 3-4 weeks of sales in 2019.  This year, both are being supplied for all 13 weeks.