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This is my Macbook Pro build from 2012.  Still using it right now, but I am thinking about buying the newer model when it comes out.  I use it for my professional work and not for gaming.  It hasn't slowed down but does get hot when running video conference with background tasks running at the same time.  The current models have a weird swipe bar on top that I don't like.  The next model will get rid of it and go back to the magnetic charge cable.  I'm pretty sure I dished out around $5000 in 2012 and will probably be doing that again or more for the new one.  I usually click on every upgrade possible and get it. The only thing I might sacrifice this time is the storage.  I'd rather run an external SSD for the extra storage, the apple storage upgrades are too expensive.  I will upgrade to the 2 terabytes and run the rest externally as I need it.

This is the current build I was looking at but don't like, so I'll wait.

Huge jump from what was available 8 years ago.  I've also had no issues with my battery life.  I will probably still replace the battery later on and continue to use it in areas I would not take a new one into.  I'm just hoping I can squeeze out 8 years from a new one. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.