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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
derpysquirtle64 said:

Not gonna lie, expected more than that from this one. Around high-70s to low 80s

The fact that their 14 minute gameplay demo that was supposed to show the best parts of the game to impress people included the MC constantly talking to herself in a humorous tone (basically the antithesis of horror), and an invisible monster with a dumb-as-shit vocal performance trying to find you, and the two-worlds-simultaneously concept not even being properly utilized in gameplay (all the important parts of that demo were executed in one world specifically, so what's the point?) set off huge red flags to me. I didn't expect this to be that good, just decent at best. 

A preview of the IGN review literally said "I wouldn't call it puzzle solving - but there is something to be solved" in relation to the gameplay you do throughout a lot of the game. When you can't even call solving puzzles puzzle solving because it's that easy and barebones, that's a problem. And IGN gave the game an 8, they were one of positive reviews. 

It's sad cause the idea of a fixed camera horror game that has simultaneous gameplay between two worlds is pretty interesting (though I love the former part of that concept a lot more than the latter; which just seems inherently much harder to justify). 

It is problematic when a game that is short and say equates almost two games because of the gameplay but both gameplay modes are underwhelming.

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