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Shinobi-san said:

Not a fad, but not a must have either.

That being said Astro's Playroom is the best PS Exclusive out at the moment imho.

Pretty much. The newly added features are just icing on the cake. Extra stuff can add to the experience, though doesn't make it.

Saying that, if said features are implemented well, it'll be hard to go back. I remember back in the PSX and PS2 era where the Dualshock rumble was so strong and crudely done. And later gets it improved gen over gen. Now we have share button, touchpad alongside improved rumble, built in mics and adaptive triggers.

And while people won't buy a console for a features of a new controller, it might be a factor in the decision making in buying one console over another. Or choosing to buy/play a game on PS5 vs other platforms. But yeah people will be buying consoles for the games, not a controller xP

Last edited by hinch - on 25 January 2021