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PDiddy said:
pikashoe said:

I think the Japanese number for switch 2020 might be wrong. The switch has been up every week this year in japan so far

Different method for reporting 53 weeks vs 52 weeks. Chartz used a 53 week year, but Famitsu used a 52 week year last year. Because of this, New Years is in 2020 for Chartz and in 2021 for Famitsu.

Ehh ok. That doesn't have anything to do with what I said. I said that the switch has been up every week this year according to the Famitsu threads, as in each week has been up compared to the corresponding week last year. Either a mistake has been made here or in the Famitsu threads.

Here's the chart from the Famitsu threads. Obviously the first week is week 53 here but the 2nd week is also up which would be week 1 here.

Week 2020 Weekly 2020 Cumulative 2021 Weekly 2021 Cumulative Difference Weekly Difference Cumulative
1 284.827 284.827 312.121 312.121 27.294 27.294
2 116.301 401.128 167.596 479.717 51.295 78.589
3 96.458 497.586 170.691 650.408 74.233 152.822