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Majora said:
COKTOE said:

My least favorite Mario game. Didn't even finish the story, much less collect all the ding-dongs and whatnot. A fairly stark contrast to Mario 64, which was plundered for all it was worth. Remember finding it difficult as well, although I wasn't exactly driven to git gud by the my enjoyment of the game. Disappointing and uncharacteristically weak. Good luck @Majora. Maybe you'll have a breakthrough.

I’ve got six shines and - I’m just really not having fun. I don’t want to force myself to have fun. I’m just not enjoying it at all. I don’t care for the environments, for Mario or the music. Whoever this game was made for, it certainly wasn’t me. No point trying to force your way through if it’s just not fun, right? Also, it’s not to do with difficulty; I find DK and Crash can be very challenging but I always find them loads of fun. 

You can’t win them all, and I finally have found a Mario game that I dislike and don’t want to play further. 

Stop now. It only gets more tedious and more annoying as the game goes on. Peach accused of being Bowser Jr's mom (he's fake Mario) he says she is his mom (she didn't deny it and thus confirming She and bowser fucked). The final boss fight is Bowser in his bathtub full of Bowser sewage. Yoshi vomits everywhere in this game and melts in water. This game almost had a giant mushroom with 20-foot skinny legs walking around the hub world and was shown in promo footage.

Miyamoto took some bad shrooms when making this travesty of a game.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!