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I’ve just started this after completing first SM64 and SMG which I had played on their home systems - I never played SMS sunshine upon its initial release. I’m five sprites and in and all I can say is wtf?! The controls feel horrendous; or, more specifically, the way Mario moves feels atrocious. A gentle forward nudge on the analog stick makes Mario seem to catapult about five billion feet forward, making judging small distances a pain as often he leaps right over where I intend him to go. In this game, he seems to have some of Luigi’s slippery landing and turning style, so when he lands he slips forward a small amount, often enough though that he falls from great heights. He doesn’t stop or turn in time, FLUDD doesn’t feel natural; the whole thing just feels so off to me. I hate to say this about a Mario game, but usually I’m having so much fun within about five mins of booting up a Mario game and even if I’m not so good initially, the movement and controls are so tight I quickly get the hang of it. At this point in the game, I’m really not having fun at all. I know it seems really early on to say that, but again, usually with Mario games I’m having a blast from the off. Anybody else find this either regards to this game? I know there will be a few “get good” comments but honestly, with how unintuitive it feels, I’m not sure I want to invest the time to bother. Really interested to hear other folks thoughts! 

Ps if you love this game and have not encountered these problems, I’m not bashing it as a hideous game. These are just my initial thoughts and I’m sad about it as Mario games are some of my favourites ever and I’ve never encountered this with any game in the franchise.