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PDiddy said:

From source on ERA:
Switch: ~2.1m
PS5: ~0.8m
XS: ~0.7m

Switch: 1,36m
PS5: 1.14m
XS: ~0.8m

Top 5 retail titles (units):
Cyberpunk 2077: ~1.2m
CoD: Black Ops: ~1.1m
NBA 2K21: ~0.8m
Animal Crossing: ~0.7m
Mario Kart: ~0.6m

CoD: Black Ops: ~1.1m
AC Valhalla: ~0.7m
Miles Morales: ~0.7m
NBA 2K21: ~0.4m
Hyrule Warriors: ~0.3m

No last gen numbers eh. Also did PS5/XBS beat PS4/XB1 from 2013 based on those numbers?

Edit: Also cool to get SW units for once. NBA 2k21 actually beat AC and Mario Kart at retail despite being lower in revenue.

The reverse might be true for Valhalla, Spiderman, and Madden. But they come with the digital caveat.

Last edited by Farsala - on 21 January 2021