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Games I've beaten for the first time in 2021:

  1. Jedi Fallen Order (2019, PS4) - Its alright, didnt love it and didnt get the "souls vibe" some people say it has. 
  2. Inside (2016, PS4) - Awesome Indie. Loved it. 
  3. Ys IX Mostrum Nox (2021, PS4) - The setting is def. not as good as Lacrimosa of Dana, but still worth the buy. 
  4. Blasphemous (2019, PS4) - Not bad at all, but still wouldnt make my list of favorite indies like Hollow Knight, Hades or Bloodstained.
  5. Abzu (2016, PS4) - Wasnt a big fan. Very reminiscent of Journey. Soundtrack was pretty I guess, but controls felt very awkward. 

Games I replayed and beat in 2021:

  1. Trials of Mana (PS4) - Finished for the second time. Got the Hawk/Riesz ending. 
  2. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) (emulated) - Finished for the billionth time maybe, one of the greats, I usually replay it every year. 
  3. Ogre Battle 64 (N64, played trough WiiU virtual console) - Finished for the billionth time as well, but its the first time I get the bad ending. 
  4. MHW/Iceborne (PS4) I dunno if it counts as a replay, just kept using my endgame save, beat Safijiiva and Fatalis for the first time. Awesome fights.

Currently playing:

    - MHRise for Switch. Loving it so far, even tho it feels a bit lacking in content for a base MH game. I imagine it's gonna get constantly updated in upcoming months until an Ultimate version releases

    Last edited by Jpcc86 - on 28 April 2021