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Well, it could be interesting to see how many games I beat in a year.

Resident Evil 5 (single player): 4/10. One of the clunkiest inventory systems ever and a badly designed AI partner team up to torture the player.

Freedom Planet: 4/10. Enemies that attack at the speed of light from outside of the screen, moves that bypass the player's post-hit invincibility, plus many smaller issues. I'll take all those free lives in plain sight before the giant snake boss as an apology.

Rival Schools: 8/10. Fun, solid 2D fighting game, aerial combos aside. Highly nostalgic music.

Fight'n Rage: 9/10. The best modern 2D beat'em up money can buy. Made by two people. If it had more than three playable characters...

Final Fight LNS Ultimate: 10/10. The best modern 2D beat'em up is an openbor fangame. Let's take a moment to let that sink in.