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dmillos said:

Hi Everyone, continuing with the Data analysis of the PS5, here is a look at what January could possibly look like.

First lets look at how all consoles sold during the same weeks of the PS5 Week 5-8 (these are month aligned, so we look at the NS holiday season as well)

Some of you might also be wondering what the Gap chart looks like with this new Update, here it is:

The PS4 was able to beat the PS5 for a 6th consecutive week. The PS5 still has a 228K lead.

Week 9 was 188K for the PS4 so if I want my prediction to be correct, I really hope the PS5 stops this streak and starts turning this chart around.

I think PS4 might take 1 or 2 more weeks, then unless Sony is having severe difficulties with the supply chain the gap should level off & start to increase.