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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Animal Crossing was the #1 title on Switch for December. That means the "big holiday title" launched in March. 3D All Stars ranked #3 and AoC ranked #5. This confirms what people have been saying all along which is that Switch didn't really have a big holiday title. The fact that Switch sold over 2m in December is a testament to just how strong those evergreens are.

Yep, we called it out at the start of the year way before COVID.

New Horizon was enough for the Switch to be flat YoY, simply because it brings new demographics to the device. Now COVID actually expanded demand and we ended up with probably a record breaking year for a single platform WW. As the Wii/DS were kinda of concentrated on a few big markets - compare that to the Switch which sold 1 million units in China which was barely a blip back in the Wii/DS days. Seeing 150% Growth YoY in Other Territories(East Asia + Australia) and Developing markets like Central/Latin America, Eastern Europe etc is what will make it a record breaking year and things are likely to repeat in 2021 as Nintendo enters even more markets(Thailand being the next one)

Last edited by noshten - on 17 January 2021