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RolStoppable said:

The moment I saw that it had a physical version on Switch, I ordered it immediately. I originally believed that it was one of the Ys games made for the Vita, but when I saw the game in action and a still image in 4:3 ratio, I knew it had to be much older. I assumed it was made for the PS2, but it was actually a PC release in 2006.

The tower's layout was less complex than I expected, but Ys Origin is a good game nonetheless. It has a bunch of reasons to be replayed and the best thing about it is that it delivers rocksolid action-RPG gameplay without wasting the player's time. It might be only ~8 hours for the first playthrough, but in today's times where games commonly get too long, it's good to go back to something for a playthrough that can be comfortably finished in a single weekend.

Fully agree, and if you want the full story it is 3 runs so you get a good average 30-40h play. Heard the story and mechanics between the 3 chars is different enough to justify it.

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