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Due to a very good deal on PSN I decided to buy this game thinking the art and animation on the trailer there was pretty and was a JRPG.

When I started the game I confess I was disappointed by the graphics being very outdated and well being more like and action game than RPG. But well I'm 11h in, the game is pretty linear (with some backtracking) and limited in items, there is no voice over, very little Cutscene (and they are simple) and the story have been quite simple (can change on the last hour since I have two final bosses to dish out).

Still the battle is so fast paced and the bosses quirks cool and can be either punishing or rewarding.

I can say this game made a V on my appreciation, started with high expectations, dropped very low on disappointment due to the deception and expectation, but recovered and passed the initial expectations. I would recommend people playing it.

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