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VAMatt said:
COKTOE said:

It's a scary-ass time to have a medical emergency in many parts of the world. I see he's from Los Angeles. I wonder how much worse this may have made his situation, and if he could have been saved if the health care system there was operating under normal conditions?

There are essentially zero reports of hospitals rationing care, even in southern CA.  So, theoretically at least, the health care system is still providing normal care for everyone.

"As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm California hospitals, Los Angeles County officials are trying to ration medical supplies and hospital space.

The Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency issued two memos Monday instructing emergency responders to limit the use of supplemental oxygen and not transport patients who cannot be revived in the field.

Same story more or less:

It seems like a bad time to have a medical emergency in LA.

I only heard about this in passing a few days ago at my mother's place when she had the news on. Is what I heard there, as well as the information in these stories inaccurate?

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