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Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said:

Nope, If Sony is just putting the specs of Pro without saying it is gen 9 then it isn't like saying Buick Regal is faster than a Porsche because it have a bigger engine. Don't see you having problem with MS saying Series S is a next gen system and that the only difference to Series X would be resolution while on the first games it already isn't true.

If they compare numbers to a next gen system than they are basically telling the consumer "Hey buy the PS4 PRO, its as powerful as the Series S" when its not, and is not even comparable in actual performance.

Are you saying the Series S is not a next gen system Don?

I knew you would just ignore everything that wasn't what you want. So does the titles run equal on Series S and X but with 1/3 of the resolution as MS have said?

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