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EricHiggin said:
Nautilus said:

Different topics have different intensities, different "memories". Much like you can get over a betrayal of your preferred gaming company launching a game in a platform over another pretty easily, someone can have a hard time, and even take years, getting over being betryed by a girlfriend/boyfriend. A hot topic like Politics have a longer term memory than something as trivial as videogame(though as forum users, we can somewhat disagree to this lol). I am of the opinion that people wouldn't have changed their mind over 8 months, but I can't prove it, so I'll just disagree and move on.

I think I said it before in a different post, but I don't think a civil war would actually happen, simply because we as human being are way more cowards nowadays to fight an actual war than we were 100 years ago. It's more of a cultural thing than anything. Having a long period of peace will have this effect. It's for the better, for the most part, if you wanna know my opinion.

But I do think a big internal political conflict will happen, in a scale never seen before. Like some states directly disobeying federal orders, almost acting as a country of it's own, the opposition making everything it can to bar the current government measures(much like the opposition did during Trump's government, but way worse). From a political point of view, everything will come to a standstill, almost nothing will pass and so on. The next 2 years will be ugly, but I hope I'm wrong.

I was being sarcastic when it came to my last few first points. I was being overly absurd to make a point. Guess I need to make that a little more clear.

I can see violence escalating quite a bit, but not full out civil war. Not unless a split was attempted and quashed. Peaceful separation or cooperation is certainly the preferred route, but peace for the sake of peace in certain circumstances isn't an option because it will eventually lead to anything but peace.

2 years of full Dem Gov control is going to cause major tension, but I don't see the disobedience from Rep states until they have some Fed Gov control again. Could very well end up like Obama's first term. The Dems won't just sit back and watch like Trump did. If you go against them they'll make you pay and make an example of you for other states who dare disobey. Unless it's a bunch of Rep states that do so in unison with the intention of separating if they can't come to terms, I think it would take a few years before any big moves were attempted on a political level.

Bold:  Where have you been the last 4 years?  Trump has spent his entire presidency pushing the limits of his power to retaliate against his opponents.  The only thing that really held him back were the natural limits to his power and his lack of understanding of the law.

How much character assassination has he done?  How many times has he called for his political allies to be "locked up"?  How many of his associates did he throw under the bus when they could no longer ethically submit to his will?  How many political and professional careers has this man ended with a tweet?  How many civilians did he sick his supporters after?  How many had to go under government protection because of him?

Remember how he tried to repeal section 230 when he was fact checked by Twitter?  Remember how he tried to remove media from the white house that he did not like?  I can only imagine how many winners and losers there were among businesses depending on how they curried his favor.

What about when he sent his storm troopers to stop protests in states that did not want his troops?  What about how he attempted to prevent California from self-regulating vehicle emissions as well as knee-cap federal efforts to curb air pollution in California?  Or how he threatened to withhold federal aid for fighting forest fires on FEDERAL land?  Gotta stick it to those libs, when we're literally dying.

Trump bragged about destroying Obama's legacy.  So many of Trump's early policy decisions were driven purely by whether or not they against what Obama did, to the point of comedy.

Right now he is literally on a scorched earth campaign to steal an election and literally throwing everyone overboard who won't go along with his scheme.  And Mike Pence is the next name in his burn book.

You are living in a fantasy.