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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

Of course it is a good thing to list sales even if the game is on GP. Even more when we have people come to VGC to say GP actually increases sales of the SW instead of making it sell less.

Would have zero issue with they saying "We sold 3M of this game and had another 5M playing it on GP that right now have 10M subs". You just don't want MS posting low numbers, and MS have stopped giving sales numbers for HW and SW much earlier than GP ever being a thing so that excuse doesn't hold water.

It does set one up for failure. Like if you list it for one you have to list it for all. And not all games will be a sales success but might be still popular on Game Pass. It’s free ammo for console wars. The system in place now is fine. Both Sony and MS announce milestones as they see fit and that’s fine with me. 

Sony announced milestones for several games, but not for all. Nintendo also only keep updating their top seller. So nope, you aren't obligated to give info of all, but sure people can assume that the ones they don't aren't doing great. Thing is, currently the lack of information on sale of HW and SW at all is really an indicative of exactly that, even more when they stopping to talk about sales entirely started after the lackluster sales of X1 after the first year reaching near 10M shipped and the "only holiday sales mater".

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