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IcaroRibeiro said:

vivster said:

According to Wikipedia the Big 5 is more scientific than MBTI, so that's good, right?

It is indeed 

So another INTJ. Ni-doms (_N_J, for people who are not familiar with the therm) are fairly common on internet forums and MBTI discussions despite being among the rarest types. Overall forums favors intuitives over sensors 

I'm feeling however most people here are going to be typed as sensors such as ISTJ, ISFJ and ESTJ instead

Makes sense to find a lot more of them in discussions, since they're the ones actively looking inside themselves and seek out discussion about it to make sense of it.

I've met people who have trouble even answering accurately because they have never really looked inward. So I'll take any demographic assumptions from these tests with huge skepticism. I expect there to be a big portion of people who cannot answer accurately or honestly.

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