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Ok, let's get all the obvious things out of the way.

Yes, I know this personality typing is popular and therefore bad and there is lots of criticism around it. I mean it's not supposed to be an official psychoanalysis. However it does one thing well and that is forcing people to look inside themselves and trying to figure out who they are, which in my book is an inherently good thing.

This site is the most popular one, but there is a reason for that. Rather than just slapping on a label and be done with it like most personality tests it gets into much more detail about different aspects of your life and how your personality might impact it.

As someone who is incredibly critical of horoscopes I spent quite a bit time to read my result and the results of others carefully and at least to my preliminary opinion it does not fall into making broad characterizations that fit most people. In fact, I found the descriptions of my type extremely accurate and I couldn't find many similarities even in types that are close to my type.

If you get an accurate result that's great and hopefully helps you understanding yourself a bit better. If your result is only partly correct you might want to go back and see if you can give more accurate answers. Or you may just be directly in between multiple types and that is fine too.

Let's take it lighthearted and with a bit of salt. Make sure to read not only the introduction to your type but also the rest of it and then tell me how accurate you think it is.

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