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Shaunodon said:

No. If you care about owning games, don't rely on subscriptions. The main purpose of PS plus is for online, not so you can abuse access to 'free games'. If you're not consistently using the multiplayer, you shouldn't have a sub.

I finally cancelled my PS Plus a couple years ago, and the only game I really played that was tied to it was MLB The Show 2019. I just ended up buying the game this year, and even though I got a physical copy the console immediately recognised the game data and asked if I wanted to transfer it all to the physical version. Didn't have to re-install or anything, very painless and simple.

For a very specific type of customer, a player with very narrow tastes who only plays MP games, and cycles around a small selection of said games, that would be true. But taken in as a general rule of thumb, that's a highly dubious idea. There are people who will find value in having access to between 24-36 games this year, to say nothing for the discounts on the games. I could go the whole year without any online activity and be happy with the subscription. Of course, the value of one's subscription increases over time, and therefore the impetus to stay subscribed increases as well. I currently have roughly 500 games in my Plus library. It cost's $50/year for access to that library, which is still growing mind you. That's PEANUTS. My least expensive sub by far. I paid twice as much to sub to VGC last year. And the discounts....I'm picking up games I love for ridiculous prices. So yeah, a month or two without online MP is inconsequential when weighted against the rest of what my sub offers.

@op. No.

-edit I took the time to do a more comprehensive count, and the number of game I have on Plus is appox 380. Ultimately irrelevant to the post, but way more accurate nonetheless.

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