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I didn't experience it so everyone else is lying. Also not having full routines is one thing but not having any routine whatsoever is quite another. Also a creepy NPC that follows you everywhere. Cars bugging out, etc. And did you guys check to see whether the sequences are randomized or completely preset? Like a gang fight in the street does it happen randomly or does it happen everytime you reload the game and go to that area? I mean it's clear to me Wood wasn't the only one who suffered these issues as they have all been mentioned elsewhere. Also he's a pretty chill and forgiving guy with regards to games. I've watched multiple of his videos and he gives a lot of leeway to games. So for him to say this about Cyberpunk 2078 means something. And at the very least cam you guys acknowledge that this game isn't revolutionary or special whatsoever? Like it isn't reinventing the wheel on any aspect of gaming. It's just another bug filled first person shooter

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also