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Eagle367 said:

Anyone still defending CDPR, watch this video:

Also RIP Hwangbo, you will be missed

I tried to replicate the stuff in that video and couldn’t. At least what was shown in the first twenty minutes or so of the video. NPC’s don’t disappear for me, vehicles haven’t randomly popped in one time in my sixteen hours in the game. I do agree with the video about the RPG elements being lacking but at the same time, I’m perfectly fine with a GTA game with RPG elements. 

Disagree about the city being lifeless as well. You can walk around and find all sorts of interesting shit happening. The guy seemed to pick a random NPC and follow them around expecting something cool to happen or some routine that he could observe the NPC doing for eternity. Like he expected the NPC to go to work, go to lunch, leave work, do something, go home and sleep, and do it all again the next day LOL. I can’t think of any open world game outside of RDR2 where that’s happened and there are way less NPC’s in RDR2. I enjoy the random elements of the city, they did a good job there. I was on a mission earlier and stumbled upon two dudes arguing about a drug deal. It escalated until the higher “rank” guy accused the other of stealing some of the drugs he’d collected for him and tried to kill him. Other dude shot and killed him and ran off. NPC’s around ran off or ducked for cover.

Ill give the rest of the video a view some other time.