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SvennoJ said:

I was planning to wait for a proper next gen version, but I think I'll simply pass on this 'game'. It just seems very badly put together. Nice eye candy, yet by the time this is in a more playable, more finished state, better eye candy will be out with real game play.

The problem is, yes they might fix it and even finish the game. However, reviewers can't be trusted, and since there are already tons of people proclaiming it the best game ever in its current state, players can't be trusted either. It's not that I mind buying a dud, it's sinking time into it to come out feeling frustrated with what could have been.

I guess the magic is gone. I enjoyed the branching paths in The Witcher 2, felt revolutionary to play the story from both sides. (I had two saves going concurrently, playing from both sides a mission at a time). TW3 was a step back to that, Cyberpunk seems to have regressed even further. It's like every new gen brings less options.

Welcome to my jaded reality. 

This is what I've been wanting from a myriad of AAA companies, and they all end up resorting to "ooh, small shiny thing!". Each time it happens, another time AI is braindead, another time a game hasn't really innovated as much to push the entire medium forward, and never backward (unless you're like Nintendo, who does this EVERY FUCKING TIME WITH EVERY GAME, lookin at you New Horizons!).

I know Cyberpunk will get those patches, but I know for damn sure they'll never fix the AI or deliver on most of those near decade long promises, because really, thinking like a stuck up CEo/Manager, I'd say that wouldn't make me money or business sense, and considering all that's transpired, those buggers haven't been fired yet, so we're likely to see an outcome of half delivered promises up to a year or two down the line, but they'll never reach NMS level of redemption. 

But this is me, this is me nearly all the time, bud. I'm hella jaded, because I'm at that stage where I know we should be getting better AI, bigger and more immersive, interactive worlds, but we're never getting them any time soon, because suits are greedy fuckers, who quite literally hold back innovation, because it doesn't line their coffers. I look at all these AAA games and I know they can be so much more, but they don't, because someone's always holding them back from being what they could be, and that really gets me jaded like fuck.

I'm used to expecting the absolute worst at this point in my gaming life tbh. New game announced for PC?, bet it'll go EGS exclusive or come with MT's, be a butchered port, or a 2077 bugfest experience, or a genre that's well and truly saturated to fuck (like FPS, TBS, TBRPG, BR etc). At first I tried looking at the positives, but those just grew smaller over the years, and well, EG made damn sure I don't look forward to any kind of small or even big game, without me flinging hate at a dev team for being so damn short sighted with an obvious as fuck short term, anti-consumer deal.

Step right up come on in, feel the buzz in your veins, I'm like an chemical electrical right into your brain and I'm the one who killed the Radio, soon you'll all see

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