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I was planning to wait for a proper next gen version, but I think I'll simply pass on this 'game'. It just seems very badly put together. Nice eye candy, yet by the time this is in a more playable, more finished state, better eye candy will be out with real game play.

The problem is, yes they might fix it and even finish the game. However, reviewers can't be trusted, and since there are already tons of people proclaiming it the best game ever in its current state, players can't be trusted either. It's not that I mind buying a dud, it's sinking time into it to come out feeling frustrated with what could have been.

I guess the magic is gone. I enjoyed the branching paths in The Witcher 2, felt revolutionary to play the story from both sides. (I had two saves going concurrently, playing from both sides a mission at a time). TW3 was a step back to that, Cyberpunk seems to have regressed even further. It's like every new gen brings less options.