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I never played the remakes but the originals but Crash fucking sucks. His design is trash. Arms sticking out of his head! His games are trash. They are so flat, simple and straightforward (literally) and boring. CTR on PS1 I heard all the hype then I played it and it felt like every failed Kart racer to me.

Still picking MK8DX but above that, the best Kart racer is not even in the damn poll!

This is! A lot of ideas in MK8 they got from this game. Plus it has the best OST of any Kart racer with remixes of some of the best SEGA has to offer. Panzer Dragoon. After Burner. Shinobi. Golden Axe. Het Set Radio. Skies of Arcadia and more tracks/characters and music. You can also race as a SEGA Dreamcast controller!

Last edited by Leynos - on 31 December 2020

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!