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Stuart23 said:
Mnementh said:

Hey, a fellow 2007 VGC user. Welcome back.

And thanks for your view on Momotaro Dentetsu. Indeed many of us were surprised by it's success.

This success has many consequences. I mean, for one japanese third parties will notice it is possible to have success as a third party on Switch for one and with a simple and fun gameplay not driven by graphics. So maybe we will see in the future more japanese devs developing for Switch (if they aren't already) and also more confidence in colorful simple and fun experiences. I would hope so.

Another thing: Konami was recently removing themself nearly completely from video games. Does this success make them rethink that? With all the Hudson Soft IPs they actually have a big catalog of IPs that they can try games with low investment to possible big success, just like Momotaro Dentetsu.

That is a great question. I wouldn't even be surprised if the bring that sports party game they had cancelled for Switch back from the dead. Another thing is that, aside from Super Bomberman R (That was also a million seller), they barely have taken advantage from Hudson's IPs this last decade. Could this make them look back at their catalog?

Of course, there is no way to know about inside Konami, but I write some prediction pointed in Japanese community.

1. Change in top management

Konami's stance for console was drastically changed after Hideki Hayakawa took the president's chair of KDE. First he uses Konami's IP (baseball, soccer) for constructing e-Sport field and get success. Then next tries to recover console development.

2. Retirement of Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is famous game creator, but as a executive he doesn't do well. After PS-SS generation Konami's traditional IP started to decline at market and he stroke a final brow for various Konami's IP especially Castlevania franchise as a co-president. Even worth, his project, Metal Gear Solid became too big to develop on Konami not a big company. Finally He retired and Konami needed to reconstruct its development team for years.

If you need something about Japanese market from the perspective of Japanese, please contact me.