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Barozi said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Last I checked costumes and flashy stuff came free in good games. Just like how working windows, and seatbelts come free in any car. It's only the MTX games where you have to pay for them. Also, high octane gas can be made a requirement if the car is rigged to only go 30 MPH without it. Games with MTX are slowed down all the time. They create a problem and then sell you the solution.

Then you clearly need to check again. There are plenty of free cosmetics even in MTX games. You're very naive if you believe that developers used to include hundreds of free skins in their games and now lock away all of them. In reality, you would've been happy when you got more than two outfits or a couple of weapon skins in those pre-MTX games.

Those slow downs you mention only occur in mobile games where you cannot progress unless you wait for a certain amount of time or pay up. Not really a problem with games outside the mobile sector.

All of the cosmetics in non-MTX games are free.

I never said that developers used to include hundreds of free skins in their games.

Skins cost next to nothing to make, compared to the insane amounts of money that they bring in. Many skins are just a quick texture swap. The idea that skins take a long time to develop is a myth that needs to die.

Grind exists in more than just mobile games. Shadow of Mordor had grind for the sole sake of offering MTX as a "Solution". Gears 5 makes it take forever to earn enough iron to get a skin you want by playing. Fortnite and Fallguys both push you to pay money for skins that take too long to earn in game.

But anyway, I'm just kind of surprised that people are all up in arms about an unfinished game, when MTX are far worse. Eventually an unfinished game will get a patch. A MTX infested game will only get more MTX.