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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I hope things get almost as bad as possible. I still am fine with CDPR being a big developer in the game industry - but an example needs to be made of the AAA industry. And no, I don't really care that the game in it's current state is "good enough" for some people. It's fine if you're enjoying the game, but that's no excuse to defend a company for incompetency.

For many people it’s not that it’s “good enough” it’s that it’s “great”. Saying it’s “good enough” implies there are issues but you can look past them. I’m playing on Series X and I haven’t had a single issue outside of random freezing in the first couple hours of the game that would last for four or five seconds. Sucks for anyone who has experienced game breaking issues or bugs but I haven’t seen a single one. That’s not me “defending incompetency”, that’s just factual.

Also, regarding an example being made out of... that just goes to show what a fad this outrage is. Cyberpunk came out in December. Not even a month prior to its release we had Cold War. A game with a stupidly gigantic install size because the dev forces you to also download their F2P battle royale game, even if you have no intention of ever playing it. A mode loaded to the brim with monetization. So it’s like 150GB+ on my Xbox last I saw. The SP launched very glitchy and buggy and on Series X it had (or maybe still has, idk) a stability issue where it would crash and could brick your system. So I stopped playing it altogether after four hard crashes. Since they they’ve updated the MP with all sorts of monetization garbage.

Oh, and it costs $10 extra for next gen. If any game should be made an “example of”, it should be CoD as it actually represents virtually everything wrong in the industry and is from a publisher with a long, deep history of fucking over consumers. Basically the exact opposite of CDPR :)