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SvennoJ said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

If the game makes a comeback, why wouldn’t CDPR? If Ubi or EA can release games that are broken at launch but still recover and still sell millions with their later games, why can’t CDPR? Hell, Bethesda turned Fallout 76 around. A game that launched in a worse state than Cyberpunk. When they announce Fallout 5 or the next TES mainline game, will anyone care about 76? 

At the same time, later this year CDPR can announce Witcher 4 or any other new project and it will get instant hype. Gamers don’t care about this stuff. It’s the internet making a fuss about it. Happens every year with CoD. Broken elements at launch, horrific install sizes, glitches, bad monetization elements, etc. If you read the internet you’d think CoD sells 43 copies a year. 

Their image probably won't recover. How is Ubisoft's and EA's image nowadays? Sure, they'll still be able to sell millions of games. Good crack or back crack, most gamers just got to have the latest crack.

Their images are fine. Again, there’s a gargantuan disconnect between the hardcore gamers who populate message boards and the general public. We think we are more important than we actually are. Most people who bought Cyberpunk have no idea about all of this controversy. And plenty of others, myself included, know about it and don’t care, because the game has been great for us. And then there are still more who have such goodwill built up with CDPR, one blundered launch isn’t going to ruin it.